Can you help me get a property transfer?2020-08-25T17:07:31+01:00

No. Pound advice only provides advice on money and debt. For help with property transfers you should contact L&Q.  You can find out about property transfers here https://www.lqgroup.org.uk/tenants/moving-home/transfers/

I am not an L&Q tenant. Can I still use Pound Advice?2020-08-25T17:07:49+01:00

No. Pound Advice is paid for by L&Q for the benefit of its tenants and is therefore only for them. But you can get help from your local CAB. You can find out who they are here https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/

Can you help me with property repairs?2020-08-26T15:44:17+01:00

No. We only provide help and support with money and debt. If you need repairs to your property contact L&Q. You can report a repair here https://www.lqgroup.org.uk/manage-your-home/repairs-and-maintenance/

Giving debt advice is a regulated activity but We Are Digital isn’t regulated by the FCA. How can you deliver the service?2020-08-26T15:22:49+01:00

We Are Digital does not deliver debt advice directly.  It manages the service on behalf of L&Q and all debt advice is delivered by regulated and qualified partners such as CABs or other money advice charities.

I am not in debt, but I do struggle with my money sometimes. Can you help me?2020-08-25T17:09:46+01:00

Yes!  We can help you learn to manage your money more effectively, prioritise your spending and maximise your income.  Even small changes can have big impacts. Give us a call and we’ll make an appointment for you. 0203 475 2221

I am in rent arrears and worried about eviction. Can you help me?2020-08-25T17:10:17+01:00

Yes, we can help!  Give us a call on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll get you and appointment with one of our expert advisers.

I am claiming benefits but I am not sure that I am getting everything I am entitled to. Can you help me?2020-08-25T17:11:00+01:00

Yes, we can help with that.  Our delivery partners are experts on benefits and ensuring you are claiming correctly. Give us a ring on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll get you an appointment.

Is Pound Advice only for people who are not working?2020-08-25T17:11:46+01:00

No. People who are in work can also use Pound Advice. Call us on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll get you an appointment at a convenient time.

I am in such a mess with my money I don’t think anyone can help. Why should I use Pound Advice?2020-08-25T17:12:12+01:00

Confronting money issues is stressful and sometimes seems overwhelming. But by calling Pound Advice you are taking that first step to sorting things out and reducing the stress.  Call us on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll get you the help you need.

I live in an L&Q property but my name isn’t on the tenancy can you help me?2020-08-25T17:12:40+01:00

As long as L&Q are aware that you live in the property and you are able to provide a tenancy reference number, we can help you.

I have heard that you can provide free white goods and household items is this correct?2020-08-25T17:13:19+01:00

We can help you apply for grants for white goods and other essential items.  However, like any discretionary grant there are criteria which have to be met so we can’t guarantee success.

Is there a fee for the scheme?2020-08-25T17:13:49+01:00

No, there is no fee. The scheme is paid for by L&Q and is free for its tenants to use.

Can you help with any money issues or is it just with my rent arrears?2020-08-26T15:23:31+01:00

Yes, we can help you with working out a budget, switching energy suppliers to save money on your bills, and maximising your income.  You don’t need to have rent arrears to take advantage of the scheme and you don’t even need to have debts. It’s always better to take action to prevent problems from developing.

I have received notification that I am about to be evicted can you still help?2020-08-26T15:24:28+01:00

Yes, we can help you.  If you let us know you’re about to be evicted we’ll get you an urgent appointment with one of our skilled advisers so you get the help and advice you need when you need it. Call us on 0203 475 2221.

Will using this service affect my credit record?2020-08-25T17:15:46+01:00

No, using this service will not affect your credit record.

I can’t work because of Covid-19 and I don’t qualify for any of the government support packages. Can you help?2020-08-27T15:12:46+01:00

Yes, we can help you find out what benefits you may be entitled to at this time.  Call us on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll get you an appointment with one of our expert advisers.


I have heard of a “rent holiday” for Covid-19. Does that mean I don’t have to pay my rent?2020-08-27T15:13:19+01:00

No. There are no rent holidays and you must continue to pay your rent. If you are having difficulty call us on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll make an appointment with our expert advisers.

I have been furloughed since March but now I am worried I’ll be made redundant. What can I do?2020-08-27T15:14:01+01:00

If you think you are about to be made redundant now is a good time to take stock of you finances.  Call us on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll get you and appointment with one of our specialist advisers.

Can a debt collection agency or bailiffs force their way into my house?2020-08-27T22:23:53+01:00

No.  They are not allowed entry through locked doors.  If you think you are about to be visited by bailiffs lock your door and do not let them in. Only speak to them through the door or over the phone. If you are physically threatened by bailiffs call the police on 999. For more information on bailiffs see our section on this page https://poundadvice.org.uk/is-covid-19-affecting-your-finances/. If you think that bailiffs might call – for example you have had a letter or phone call- call us on 0203 475 2221 and we’ll get you an urgent appointment to see one of our expert advisers.