Pound Advice is here to help you with your money issues

Pound Advice is here to help you with your money issues. Contact us and we’ll get a few details from you and make an appointment for you with one of our advice partners.  Pound Advice can help you deal with your money worries, debt problems and benefits claims. If you would like support, you can contact us via the contact form here or via:

  • Text pound and your name to 60777

  • Tel: 0203 475 2221

Our lines are open 9-5 Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

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Here are some stories about people
we’ve helped to sort their money problems

Mr F had rent arrears of £455. He was receiving Universal Credit to cover the rent but there was a shortfall of £37 per week that he struggled to afford. He also had two adult children living with him who weren’t working or studying, and he didn’t realise that his council tax support was reduced as a result of having two adults aged over 18 living with him.  We advised him to get his adult children to claim Universal Credit in their own right while they looked for work. This maximised the total household income. They would get £251 each and be able to contribute to household expenditure, and it would reduce his council tax liability by £480 as the non-dependent deduction no longer applied once they were claiming UC and under 25.

Mr F

Because she was unable to attend her medical assessments Ms R’s benefits were stopped and she ended up in rent arrears. She has some physical disabilities and anxiety and depression. We made an appointment for her at the local CAB and she was helped to make a claim. During this process we found she had not been paid the right amount of benefit since 2015. DWP were asked to investigate and the result was she had a total money gain of £15,177 and is no longer in rent arrears.

Ms R

Because her pension credit letters were delivered to the wrong address, Mrs W didn’t realise she had to re-apply for pension credits when her circumstances changed, and as a result they were stopped. She ended up in rent arrears. She also needed help with personal care because of her disability.  We advised her to claim pension credits and attendance allowance and helped her to do this. Both applications were successful, and she is better off by £307.40 per week. She has a much-improved quality of life and said she was grateful to Pound Advice for the assistance we gave her.  Without Pound Advice she said she would not have been aware of the benefits she was entitled to.

Mrs W

Pound Advice is funded by L&Q
to help their tenants sort out their money issues.

Free advice from qualified local partners can help with debt benefits and managing day to day.

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